Drupal alfresco integration

From: katie hayne
Date: 25 May 2010 11:10:26
To: Doug Moncur
Cc: Debjani Ganguly
Subject: Re: [BSP Partners] Bamboo Proposal Draft and Next Steps

Hi Doug,

Thanks that helps a lot… I had no idea DOI was looking at Alfresco at all, so that is interesting. It is extremely promising that there is an alignment with the tools being proposed by Bamboo.

I am aware of the ability for Drupal and Alfresco to integrate but have not seen this in operation. The module we are currently using for file management in Drupal is IMCE - which is far satisfactory. Users cannot do basic things like create directories themselves or move or rename files for example.

Cheers Katie

On 25/05/2010, at 10:53 AM, Doug Moncur wrote:


the situation is currently slightly confused so don't take this as 100%

i'd argue that we would possibly want sakai/alfresco implementation and some tools to do rapid prototyping of collections. However I think the reason fro the alfresco/drupal combination is that a lot of people have both components and if you build a collection of documents in alfresco you can then easily, given its open module based infrastructure, develop a drupal extension to allow the display of alfresco content in a drupal managed website. I would hope to try and find out more of the reasoning behind what they are doing and why at the Providence meeting


On 25/05/2010, at 10:06 , katie hayne wrote:

think the area of ECMs is one we could well contribute to, but to reply to this I need to do a bit of quick research to better understand exactly what Alfresco is. I know CEDAM is using it, so maybe we should try and talk to someone there. The other question for us might be why Drupal? A big argument for Drupal is that that CASS have made a large commitment to it, but I believe DOI is currently setting up MySource Matrix (http://matrix.squiz.net/) as the ANU Content management System. So I am not sure where that leaves us in the coming years.

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