ANDS bootcamp

disjointed notes:

  • e-research
    • strong control of metadata and metadata quality essential
    • provisioning of datastore
      • require funding model for persistence of data
      • researchers not funded for long term data curation
      • not only central curation of pid but of pid target data
    • researchers more interested in rights and exclusivity than re-use when depositing data
      • essential to capture embargo period, rights, restrictions, provenance
      • use of creative commons cc0 licence for data
      • need to decide what to keep, and for how long
        • upfron disposal policy required
    • not all researchers will engage, select champoins and build community
      • demonstrate by actions adavantage of data deposit


  • rif-cs vs cerif?
  • is the way to approach handling datasets as a research output more akin to the hca outputs rather than the classical print repository model
    • implies need for compound object support and linked metadata

things to check

  • griffith data management plan creation tool
  • cornell vitro find an expert tool (in use at Melbourne, Griffith)
  • protege rdf editor
  • Mendeley bibliographic software
  • EAC format for people identifiers
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