ANU Clockss Node

The ANU is a participant the Clockss Project to provide a resilient distributed escrow service for digital journal content. The purpose of the escrow service is to ensure that journal content will remain available in the event of the journal publisher becoming unable to maintain the content.

The ANU Node

The ANU nodes is an Iron Systems 3U unit configured with:

  • 8 2GHz cores
  • 24GB RAM

*12TB RAID storage with space for expansion in 18 months (e.g. 16-slot disk with 8 2TB drives plus 2 spare).

  • CentOS or RedHat Linux, or OpenSolaris
  • Lights out management unit installed

In the event of component failure, replacement parts will be shipped on replace from the US and the defective components shipped back to Ironsystems. The ANU node is located in the Crisp facility.

The machine was brought online on 17 March 2010

Change Log

  • 15 July 2010 Lockss daemon updated to 1.46.3 at the request of Clockss to support additional features
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