bamboo meeting 100119


  • Sue Kosse (Library)
  • Doug Moncur (DoI)
  • Katie Hayne (Research School of Humanities and Arts)


  • Digital Humanities hub in creation
    • will advertise for someone to work on bamboo
    • possibly technical/project type role with liaison with DoI
  • major interest is in the creation and annoation of collections
    • annotation of visual material
  • also interested in textual analysis (new academic appointment ?)
    • development of digital corpora
  • Odsas - not going anywhere at moment due to resources issues
  • Omeka - difficulty in engaging with the development team at George Mason
  • project hopes
    • development of collection space like environment as dynamic workspace to collect and annotate resources
      • objects to be added, deleted. manipulated - winnowing in workspace
    • annotation following dublin core
    • completed annotated records to be committed to repository
    • aim to provide a mechanism to allow building of records or artefacts
      • built on back of anthropological and archaeological resource
      • also need to consider digital cultural repatriation
        • and machinsm to accomplish this (dspace in a box?)
  • relationships with ANDS and ARCS ?
  • relationship with central repository infrastructure ?
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