Electronic Lab Books

This page a set of resources about electronic laboratory notebooks. This arose out of a blog post I made on the subject following a discussion with some genetics researchers. The originating blog post includes a though design for a solution to the problem.


  • IpadELN semantic web enabled application. Company is a spinoff from Institut Pasteur
  • Contur ELN product very focused on recording and signoff as in big pharma for tracking data for lodgement
  • Kinematik eNovator very similar to Contur. Both Kinematik and Contur support the idea of a data repository
  • eCat Another similar product with traction in Genomics and Physiology

Generally use of electronic lab notebooks is commoner in lab based life sciences, especially these where automated analyses produce large amounts of data. There is an emphasis on access control to ensure that data is correctly embargoed, and on the creation of metadata to ensure that notes and data can be found easily.

This may be in conflict with the aims of Open Notebook Science where laboratory and research notebooks are published, both to make the information freely available for re-use and to support the research data. (We have already had an example in astro physics where data had to be published before a paper was accepted for publication)

Using Google Wave

NB Wave was killed as a Google project on 05 August 2010

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