europe 2010 planning schedule

This page is our Europe 2010 planning schedule. Everything is subject to change at the moment

Draft Schedule

month day activity location status
September Sun 5 Fly Sydney London Etihad EY 455 Sydney - Abu Dhabi 2150, Etihad EY19 Abu Dhabi-London 0830 Booked
Mon 6 Arrive London 1315 Apartment in Bayswater Booked Heathrow express booked
Tues 7 London
Wed 8 London
Thurs 9 London
Fri 10 London 10.25 Eurostar to Paris. Holiday Inn Gare de L'Est Booked
Sat 11 Paris 0824 to Milano arr 1650, 1715 to Bologna arr 1820 StarHotel in Bologna for 2 nights Booked
Sun 12 Bologna Day trip to Ravenna train booked
Mon 13 Bologna 1010 train to Venice S Lucia arr 1133 - Apartment in Castello, Venezia Booked check notes for meet, greet and final payment
Tues 14 Venice
Wed 15 Venice
Thurs 16 Venice
Fri 17 Venice 1400 ferry to Patras Ferry Booked Ticket to be collected from agent in Venice - see email for details
Sat 18 Arrive Patras 2000 Hotel Olympic Star Booked
Sun 19 0934 Train to Kalamata Voulas cottage Cottage Booked
Mon 20 Kardymyli
Tues 21 Kardymyli
Wed 22 Kardymyli
Thurs 23 Kardymyli
Fri 24 Kardymyli
Sat 25 Kardymyli
Sun 26 Kardymyli - Train to Athens see 02/02/2010 planning note
Mon 27 Athens NB Acropolis Museum closed Mondays Amalias Hotel Athens Booked
Tues 28 Fly Scotland via London 0910 British Midland 6002 & 1430 BMI 58 arr 1555 Booked Apex hotel, Waterloo Place Edinburgh
Wed 29 Scotland Links Hotel Montrose
Thurs 30 Links Hotel Montrose
October Fri 01 Links Hotel Montrose
Sat 02 Fly Edinburgh London Heathrow - stay at Sheraton Heathrow British Midland BD63 1855 arr LHR 2020 booked
Sun 03 Fly London Abu dhabi Etihad EY12 0910 Bus Abu Dhabi Dubai 2030 booked
Mon 04 Dubai Shangri La Hotel booked
Tues 05 Fly Abu Dhabi -Sydney Bus Dubai Abu Dhabi 0700 Etihad EY450 1015 booked
Wed 06 Arrive Sydney 0720

Booking tickets

RailEurope's Australian website is less flexible, and while it has payment in AUD it dows not display the range of sleeper options availble from the UK website. Unfortunately RailEurope UK will no longer email vouchers to reclaim the ticket, hence need to book via Australian website

Voulis house booking

Booked via Iglu in Wimbledon. Turns out they are agents for Simply who were the people we tried to book direct with originally. Found Iglu by googling for the property name.


Planning news


  • Thomas Cook European railway timetable arrived
    • Problem Kardymyli/Tripoli section of train line to Athens not running due to track reconstruction: Bus to Tripoli to meet train or else coach all the way to Athens (except coach station not so convenient)


  • worked on rail timetable and developed workable plan


  • booked ferry to Patras. Ferry now goes on Friday to arrive Saturday
  • booked flight from Athens to Edinburgh


  • booked Venice apartment


  • minoan lines confirmed ticket pick up arrangement in venice


  • booked Olympic Star hotel in Patras


  • booked long haul flights on Etihad with flight centre


  • booked Edinburgh/London flight
  • attempted to book hotel at LHR
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