Thomas Herbert

Thomas Herbert was a diplomat and gentleman traveller during the early Stuart persiod and notable for bringing back the first sketches of cuneiform inscriptions to England.

Thomas Herbert secured his position with Dodmore Cotton's expedition to the east through his distant relative William Herbert, Earl of Pembroke and a royal favourite. Wiiliam Herbert was an investor in several overseas ventured including the Virginia Company and East India Company

Herbert was pro parliament during the English civil war, and attended Charles I in cpaivity and was present at his execution in January 1649. and one of his sons in law was Robert Phayre, who was one of the officers responsible for supervising the execution of Charles I and a signatory to the general warrant However Phayre, along with Hercules Huncks refused to sign the order to the executioners.

Herbert died at Petergate house in York in 1682. Herbert was buried in St Crux church in york. The church was demolished in 1887 after it became unsafe. The house where he was born can still be seen in Pavement.

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