Learning Object Repository


Learning Object

At its simplest a learning object is merely a resource used in teaching and learning. It can be any form of digital object, ie a soundfile, an image, a text based document, or a collection of related documents.

Learning Object Repository

A service that collects together learning objects, describes them according to a standard metadata schema (with a controlled vocabulary) eg ANZ LOM. Like any repository a learning object repository can either store the objects locally on disk or by reference where they are hosted elsewhere. Metadata can be exposed and harvested using OAI-PMH.


No special software is required - standard repository software such as Dspace or Fedora can be used. Data can be exposed using OAI-PMH for re-use. The SCORM model defines mechanism for object sharing and reuse - rather than by reference it assumes that the object (or object collection) is packaged according to the SCORM model.

Current practice is that learning object repositories expose their metadata using OAI-PMH and that the objects are packaged according to the SCORM model to allow easy reload and intechange

Moodle integration

Moodle 2.0 will have a repository like architecture, with the assumption that it will be able to harvest content from a variety of sources (including Flickr). As of 1.9.3 Moodle supports SCORM object import.

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