Leveller Mutinies
  • Banbury - crushed by Cromwell and leaders shot at Burford 17 May 1649
  • Corkbush 15 November 1647, during the early stages of the Second English Civil War at the Corkbush Field rendezvous, when soldiers were ordered to sign a declaration of loyalty to Thomas Fairfax, the commander-in-chief of the New Model Army (NMA), and the Army Council. When some refused to do this they were arrested, and one of the ringleaders, Private Richard Arnold, was executed. Thomas Rainsborough Tried to present Fairfax with a copy of the Agreement of the People but was ignored. See also British Civil War Project
  • Bishopsgate Occurred in April 1649 when troops due to go to Ireland mutinied. Robert Lockier one of the ringleaders was shot. Lockiers funeral resulted in a massive pro-Leveller demonstration in London
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