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13 May 2010

Met with Christine Fernon of the Australian Dictionary of Biography.

Excerpt from initial email:

The National Centre of Biography in the School of History has just been given $100,000 from the Major Equipment Committee to buy a Guardian AO camera/scanner so that we can start digitising our files, as well as published obituaries (for our Obituaries Australia database) and associated material such as unpublished autobiographies, eulogies and memoirs and photos.

We plan to make this material available via our two websites, Australian Dictionary of Biography and the yet to be launched Obituaries Australia. We've been advised by the people in the ANU Archives to get in contact with you to sort through any issues that need sorting out - we're very new to this so are not aware of the issues yet.

Require to store digitised material and have three collections:

  1. Australian biographical dictionary collection
  2. Obituaries Australia collection
  3. Private embargoed material

Plan is to update the existing Australian Biographical Dictionary and forthcoming Obituaries Australia websites with links to objects stored in the repository so that people can find and view material eg newspaper obituaries and OCR's versions of the text


Australian Dictionary of Biography (Online)

Also discussed possibility of hosting digital material in epub format and project gutenberg workin the context of some digitised collections of reminsiscences they wished to publish/host on their website

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