repository functionality


random unsorted list

  • common core minimum set of metadata
  • common object store and object reuse
  • support for compound objects
  • multiple views of object store content / multiple applications
  • integration with other systems for content capture - eg alfresco for works in progress, collectionspace for specialist data assembly
  • linkages with external solutions (eg linkedin) for person information
  • allow multiple submission formats but normalise in submission workflow to preservation formats but also archive original input as a blob


  • access control to cultural resources is really about stopping inappropriate reuse - we prevent access to prevent use just as the inquisition restricted access to printing presses in renaissance Italy
  • need for repository workbench and crosslinks with Project Bamboo
  • deal with people no longer at institution by linking to their linked-in or xing pages do we need a facebook for academics?
  • distinction between a repository which manages content and a referratory which manages links to content managed in other repositories
    • what is the relation of a referratory to search engines ?
    • what is the relation of a referratory to data federation projects such as ANDS?
    • is a referratory basically just a link aggregator on steroids?
  • Alfresco does webdav and version control and could serve as a workplace engine - and potentially expose some content via OAI-PMH plugin
  • identity management is not something a repository should do
    • need to integrate with local identity management
    • shibboleth for resources restricted to various groups within the academic community
    • use of openid, windows live authentication to track accesses but without verification of users identity
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